What is an Electric Bike

 Riding an electric bike is just like riding a normal bike except there is a pedal assist function to help you on the steep parts! A sensor is mounted on the pedal crank and senses when you are pedaling (or not) plus how fast you are pedaling and simply supplies electrical motor power to suit from a battery. It is a little like cruise control on a car. 

Do I need A Drivers Licence?

 The 300 watt motor we use is the maximum allowed under NZ law and are considered a bicycle so our ebikes are not a powered vehicle and you do not need a drivers licence. 

Who Can Ride An Ebike?

 Anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle. Your guide will explain you how to use the gear box. A short test of 10 meters and 4 rounds of pedals is enough to understand that it is very easy. 

Can Children attend?

 Children from the age of 12 (minimum height 1.50cm) are allowed to ride their own bike, if accompanied by an adult. 

Tipping yes or no?

 If you enjoyed your tour, tipping is welcomed but not compulsory.

What weather conditions can we bike in?

 We operate our tours in all weathers except very heavy consistent rain! If the weather is looking too bad for your tour and we cancel it, you will have the opportunity to re-book another day or time, or receive a full refund.